Badges to Earn:  Cable Competence, Yarn Bomber, and LYS Regular

Badges to Earn: Cable Competence, Yarn Bomber, and LYS Regular

Well, hey there, Purl Scout!

Having just released a punch of new Purl Scouts™ Merit Badges, I figured we should take a look in the unofficial, totally made up Purl Scouts handbook to see what it takes to earn some of them!

Cable Competence Badge

Cable Competence
Badge Description: Cables are a knitting technique where the order of a set of stitches is rearranged by temporarily placing several of those stitches on a precariously dangling third needle, creating a twisting effect in the knitted fabric.

To Earn: To achieve Cable Competence, simply select a pattern with cables and knit! If you don't have a cable needle, a double pointed needle, pencil, or magic wand will suffice.

Yarn Bomber Badges

Yarn Bomber
Badge Description: Yarn bombing is a street art where colorful knitted and crocheted fabric is used to decorate public spaces.

To Earn: To become a Yarn Bomber, find a place in your neighborhood or community that looks like it needs a little extra color and knit it a sweater! Remember to take along extra supplies when placing your yarn bomb so you can get the perfect fit.

Local Yarn Shop Regular Badge

LYS Regular
Badge Description: 🎶 Sometimes you want to go where everbody knows your name. 🎶 And that place could be your local yarn shop.

To Earn: Take a trip to your local yarn shop! Then, do it again. And again. And again until the folks that work there begin to greet you by name. "Norm!"
(Side note: if you've never watched "Cheers," then much of this description probably makes no sense, so, apologies.)

So, Purl Scout, get out there and start earning some badges!  Let me know which ones you accomplish!

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