Badges to Earn:  Yarn Chicken Champ, Castonitis, Pom Pom Perfectionist

Badges to Earn: Yarn Chicken Champ, Castonitis, Pom Pom Perfectionist

Hey there, Purl Scout!

With the recent release of my Purl Scouts collection, it seems only appropriate to take a closer look at a few of the new badges and dip into the imaginary Purl Scouts handbook to see just what it takes to earn them!

Yarn Chicken Champ

Badge Description:
When the yarn starts running low but the pattern keeps going, you've got yourself a game of yarn chicken. Will you make it to the end of the pattern with the yarn you have left, or will you have to frantically order another skein, crossing your fingers you can get the same dye lot??

To Earn:
This badge is a difficult one to set out to earn intentionally, but trust me when I say, you WILL encounter this situation eventually. If you emerge victorious by either having enough yarn, unraveling your swatch to get just a few more yards, or successfully tracking down another hank of yarn, consider yourself a Yarn Chicken Champ!


Badge Description:
Sure, you might have seven projects you're currently working on... but isn't it so exciting to start a new project? Castonitis is a condition where the affected knitter temporarily forgets all WIPs when blinded by the excitement of casting on something new.

To Earn:
Given the right pattern/yarn combo, anyone can earn this badge. Simply find a project that's too exciting to not start on RIGHT NOW and cast on! To truly be considered castonitis, one should have at least 4-5 projects already on the needles.

Pom Pom Perfectionist

Badge Description:
Sometimes a hat just isn't complete without the perfect pom pom. The Pom Pom Perfectionist pays extremely careful detail to the shape of the pom, meticulously trimming it until it is a perfect sphere.

To Earn:
After making a pom pom, trim away any rogue strands that are sticking out. Reassess and repeat. This can be done for hours. Continue trimming until you give up trying to achieve the perfect pom pom or realize that you have to move on with your life.

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