Badges to Earn:  Yarnaholic, Brioche Bravery, and Beach Knitter

Badges to Earn: Yarnaholic, Brioche Bravery, and Beach Knitter

Hey there, Purl Scout!

Ready to earn some more badges? Let’s dip in to the imaginary Purl Scout handbook and see what it takes to earn the Yarnaholic, Brioche Bravery, and Beach Knitter badges!


Yarnaholic merit badge sitting in a hank of yarn


Badge Description: Sure, you’ve got plenty of yarn in your stash... but it just doesn’t feel complete, does it? A Yarnaholic is an individual who feels an intense pull to add to their stash despite having more than enough yarn to meet their crafting needs for the foreseeable future.

To earn: Go look at your stash. Do you need more yarn? If they answer is yes and you can’t resist a hank of woolly goodness, you’ve earned your Yarnaholic Badge.


Brioche Bravery

Badge Description: Brioche is a ribbed stitch that produces an extra squishy fabric and is often knit in two colors. Brioche can be a little daunting with all its slipped stitches and yarn overs, so many knitters initially avoid it.

To Earn: The Brioche Bravery Badge is awarded to any and all who dare attempt the brioche stitch. Even if the final product is unsuccessful, consider yourself a Braver of Brioche for your valiant attempt!


Beach Knitter

Badge Description: Beach knitting can often be the ultimate in relaxation, combing a tranquil environment with a calming activity. The Beach Knitter enjoys digging their toes into the sand while working on their latest project.

To Earn: Go to the beach. Knit. You’ve earned the Beach Knitter Badge!

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