Behind the Idea:  Dried Flower Progress Keepers

Behind the Idea: Dried Flower Progress Keepers

If you checked out the latest shop update, you probably saw these dried flower progress keepers added to the mix.

dried flower progress keeper

These progress keepers and the little flowers in them are as hand-crafted as it gets.

I grew 'em.

I pressed 'em.

I cast 'em.

I assembled 'em.

For real, the flowers are straight out of my garden, I pressed them in a giant cookbook that belongs to my husband, and then I taught myself how to use resin because that just how I live my craftypants life.  I did NOT hand-forge the metal components, but I guess the line has to be drawn somewhere.

resin flower progress keeper

Before we go any further, I'd like to say a special thank you to the previous owners of my house.  Though we've been here for quite a few years, flowers pop up every spring in a clearly carefully coordinated succession, and I almost never touch them.  They just do their thing and I pretend that the floral glory of my front yard is all my own personal doing. Now, I have a mean green thumb when it comes to vegetables, but I know diddly-squat about growing flowers.  Fortunately, these little purplish-bluish buds reliably pop up every spring and they are the perfect size for a progress keeper.

Despite my floral ignorance, I did manage to track down what type of flower they are.  It seems to go by several names, none of which are terribly pretty.  Tidal Pool Prostrate Veronica is my personal favorite (uh, who is Veronica and why is she prostrate???), but I've seen Prostrate Speedwell and Tidal Pool Veronica as well.

 Resin Flower Progress Keeper for Knitters

Ultimately, though, what I love about these progress keepers, aside from the fact that they have real flowers in them, is that each one is completely unique. Some have stems, some don't.  Some are light blue, some are purple.  Everything varies slightly from flower to flower making each one an individual little work of art!  

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