Being a Solo Entrepreneur

Being a Solo Entrepreneur

What’s it like being a solo entrepreneur? It means I wear every hat you can imagine! I do all of the bookkeeping, customer service, IT, design, product development, marketing, PR, and order fulfillment… all from my teeny tiny office!

Working out of such a small space means I have to be super-organized. Every product gets its own bin and sku number so that I can find stuff easily when running inventory or packaging orders. Thank goodness for IKEA and its modular shelving.

Wooden shelves with labeled stock bins

Aside from the administrative side of things, I also am the sole person making inventory! These merit badges for instance… while I use a production partner to manufacture the actual badges, each card they go on get individually hole punched (times 3!) by yours truly. Once the card is hole punched, I attach a pin and it’s ready to go!

Making yarn chicken merit badges

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