Collected: Summer Knitting Projects

Collected: Summer Knitting Projects

8 Tops to Knit for Summer


Earlier this month I wrote about finding the best yarn for your summer knitting projects. But what to knit? I've rounded up a collection of tops that I've been eyeing for some summer knitting.

Cullen by Isabell Kraemer

Kathryn by Jerusha Neely

Fable by Alicia Plummer

Linum Tee by Bristol Ivy

Argil by Claire Lakewood

Gemini by Jane Richmond

Tarmac by Anna Maltz

Kagerou by Michiyo

Will you be knitting something for the summer months?  I've never knit a summer top before, but I've gone so far as to add Cullum to my Ravelry queue, so we will have to see!   I hope you've found some inspiration here!

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