Eight Fun Knitting Stickers for Knitters and Yarn Lovers

Eight Fun Knitting Stickers for Knitters and Yarn Lovers

When I was a kid, I loved stickers. I was always looking for stickers that helped me express my personality, which at age eight, was rainbows.

Lisa Frank, anyone? 
I still love stickers, but I’m more interested in stickers about what's important to me now, like knitting and the outdoors. Rainbows are still pretty great too, though.

Here is a collection of awesome knitting stickers to help you express your fiber-loving personality!
Sheep knitting sticker
Sheep Sticker by Sloeginfizz
Pre-yarn woolliness.

Craft Queen Sticker by Twill & Print
This is what my brain feels like most of the time.

yarn pirate sticker
Yarn Pirate Sticker by Fun Usual Suspects

Knitted Mountains Sticker by adKnits
Knitting and the mountains??  Yes, please.

Hankfurter Sticker by Shelli Can
I can't resist a good yarn pun.

Fuel Up on Fiber Sticker Pack by Nerd Bird Makery
So much fiber deliciousness, all in one pack!

Knitting Sticker by Zenspire Designs
Adorably whimsical fair isle!

Knitting fox sticker for knitters
Fox Knitter by adKnits
How did that fox knit that hat??
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