Enhancing Your Creative Space

Enhancing Your Creative Space

Enhancing Your Creative Space
As creatives, I think a lot of us are affected by the space we work in. In my own studio at home, I often can't focus if my work space is messy. I'm in the midst of an overhaul, revamping my organization and trying to put together a room that is both inspirational and functional all at the same time.

Oh, and attempting to build my own custom shelving. 
It's going... okay.

They're level and they don't fall down, so that's something, right?

While things are still a work in progress, I'm slowly making changes to turn it into a room that's truly inspiring.  I find that I need to remove actual clutter to help reduce mental clutter and I'm trying to surround myself with inspirational objects, colors, and textures help get the creative juices flowing.

Maintaining a space that fosters creativity is not always easy. Here are some small things you can do to enhance and organize your knitting space. Even if you don't have a whole room, maybe just a corner or a chair, I'm hoping you can put some of these ideas to work!

1.  Don't hide your tools and materials in boxes out of sight.  Find a unique way to display them so they can inspire you while you're working!
knitting needle storage
At home, I put all my needles in a mason jar.  A ceramic vase would work nicely too!

Yarn Storage Shelf
My main yarn storage shelf.  NOT the shelves I'm building.  This is from IKEA!

2.  Put up some inspirational art!  Here are a few art prints perfect for a knitting room.
craft real magic
Craft Real Magic Art Print by Home Row Fiber Co

British Sheep Art Print
British Sheep Art Print by Kate Broughton

Wild Wool Art Print by adKnits

3. Find a special way to store your WIPs while bringing in natural textures through ceramics, baskets, or wood.

knitting basket
My go-to basket at home.

ceramic yarn bowl
Ceramic Yarn Bowl by Twig & Horn

4.  Hygge it up!  Fill your creative space with things that make you feel happy and cozy.  Mugs, blankets, books, and candles can help create an warm and inspiring vibe.
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