Free Knitting Planner Printable

Free Knitting Planner Printable

Paper, knitting, and organizing are three of my favorite things. Yes, I said organizing. I like having a plan, sorting things, and making sure everything is in it's proper place. This is one of the things I love about knitting. Perfectly lined up rows of uniform stitches? Yes, please. And I could wax poetic about a nice uniform raglan increase or the beauty of a predictable crown decrease... but I'll spare you.



free knitting planner printable

And, while most of my life is digital, I like the satisfaction of planning things out with pen (though, it has to be a really good pen) and paper. So, I recently whipped up this knitting project planning sheet and thought maybe others would like it as well. If you'd like the file to be able to print it at home, just follow the link below to access the download!




Free printable knitting organizer

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