Free Printable:  Gift Band for Late Gifts

Free Printable: Gift Band for Late Gifts

Most of us have been there — you cast on a gift for someone and before you know it, the deadline goes whooshing by and you’re nowhere close to being finished.

I have definitely wrapped and given a single sock... and then asked for it back because I still needed to knit the second one (sorry, Dad).  

For all those late gifts and best laid plans gone awry, I’ve put together a free gift band to help you express your remorse in giving a belated gift.  You can get the printable sent directly to your inbox using the link below!

Print from home on your choice of paper!  You know I've got a kraft paper problem, so that was my go-to and I really love the way it turned out.

Once you've printed, just cut at the crop marks, wrap it around your woefully late knit and secure it with a little tape or a sticker.  Apology and gift-giving rolled into one!

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Hope you enjoy!

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