Make Nine 2019:  FO #5 and #6

Make Nine 2019: FO #5 and #6

Being well past the halfway point of 2019, I figured it was time for a Make Nine check in.  I've knocked out almost all the accessories and only one sweater, so it's going to take some hustling to get these last couple of sweaters in.  I also had some major summer cast on distraction and started a sweater for my daughter, my aunt, and a couple pairs of socks.  


So I will definitely make nine things this year... just maybe not the nine I had originally planned.

Here are the latest finished objects:

red and gray striped sweater

Make Nine #5:  Clarke Pullover

My goal with this sweater was to make it something I could wear everyday, so I went with colors that I wear often and used superwash yarn so I didn't have to worry about hand washing.

 knit hat with red pom pom on a table with scissors and a pinecone

Make Nine #6:  Deep Woods Toque

This was my beach knitting this year and I loved it!  I love colorwork and this hat was such an enjoyable knit and just flew off my needles.  Also, I'm really happy with my color choices.

I've got the last accessory in my Make Nine (a pair of socks) on the needles right now, and two sweaters to go... which I guess I'll finish after the sweaters I'm already knitting.  Hopefully.

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