Make Nine 2020:  FO #2 and #3

Make Nine 2020: FO #2 and #3

Two more of my Make Nine are complete! One is a Clarke Pullover for my aunt (which I started a little over a year ago!) in the exact same colors as the one I knit for myself, so I won't bore you with the details on that one.

The other is the Montana Mountain Cowl, which was so much fun to knit.  If ever you have the opportunity to work rainbow yarn into a project, DO IT.  The constant changing of the colors kept it interesting and kept me in touch with my inner seven-year-old.  The pattern has a chart, but by the third or fourth iteration, you can just look at the stitches you knit before to guide you and ditch the chart.  I like a project where I don't have to refer to the pattern constantly.  In quarantine, this is an asset, as devoting my attention to something without my kids demanding snacks is near impossible.

Montana Mountain Cowl

While the rainbow yarn was fun (Zauberball in Tropical Fish), the real star was the Barrett Wool Home Fingering that I used for my main color.  Soft and delightfully springy, I will definitely be looking for opportunities to use it again.

Yarn in a basket


I also knit this bunny.
Quarantine makes you do strange things.


knitted bunny rabbit in a dress

But, in all seriousness, this was one of the most detailed and clear patterns I've ever encountered.  Little critters are not my thing, but I had no trouble with Bun-Bun (named by my three-year-old).  So cute!

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