More from the Purl Scouts Collection!

More from the Purl Scouts Collection!

This past weekend, the Purl Scouts collection officially released! Here's a look at the items that didn't make it into last week's sneak peek.

Purl Scouts Tote Bag

Purl Scouts Tote Bag

I am SO excited about this one! This is the first tote bag I've ever released and I'm so happy with the way it came out! You can use it as a project bag or to haul all your goodies from the next fiber show you go to. And it's the perfect place to display your Purl Scout merit badges!


Campfire enamel knitting pin

Campfire Enamel Pin

In this collection, I released not one, but TWO enamel pins! Well, technically one is die struck and doesn't have the color enamel, but you get the idea. Obviously, the Purl Scouts design had to become a pin, but I couldn't resist turning the campfire into one as well!


Purl Scouts knitting sticker sheet

Purl Scouts Sticker Sheet

If I had to pick a favorite from this collection, this sticker sheet might be it. These stickers are vinyl, just like my larger ones, so they can go practically anywhere. Their small size makes them great for planners and journals, too, though! I'm particularly excited about the sticker version of the merit badges... it might have to become a permanent thing.


If you missed the release this past weekend, you can still find everything in the Purl Scouts collection here!


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