Mush-Free Gift Tags for Snarky Crafters and Makers

Mush-Free Gift Tags for Snarky Crafters and Makers

Tags for your handmade gifts

If you're the crafty sort, you know how great it can be to give someone a handmade gift. And because your crafty skills are so on-point, your gift could easily be mistaken for something store-bought. And you'll be damned if you let some big box retailer take credit for your hours of hard work.

So you better put a tag on the gift to let everyone know it's handmade. And you don't want all that "handmade with love" BS, so what do you do?

Inspired by my irrepressible snark and the unceremonious way I typically present handmade gifts to my friends and family, these gift tags are the perfect way to let someone know you cared enough to make them a thing.

Each set has 10 perfectly printed gift tags and space on the back to write your "to" and "from". Plus, I've included string to tie your tags to your gifts!

Check out the gift tags!

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