My Illustration Process

My Illustration Process

Ever wondered how a drawing goes from an idea to a finished product? I’ve always been a little hesitant to share my illustration process because drawing is not something that comes as easily to me as other art forms and I often feel like I don’t know what I’m doing.

But, this week, I’m going to put on my big girl pants and share a little bit of how I go from start to finish with something like a sticker.

Grand Canyon knitting sticker and digital image

My process always starts with sketching. I’m very specific about my sketches, though. I’m not a doodler. I have to be able to visualize in my head what I want to draw, and then do it. This sometimes leads me to other ideas, but I always have to see it in my head first.

Sometimes I sketch on paper, but more often than not, I sketch on my tablet.

Once sketching is done, I move into Adobe Illustrator, and trace over all of my lines in black. Then the lines get cleaned up, and color gets added. I often treat my drawings like my own personal coloring book, and color them in with my digital pencil.

Last, I adjust colors, apply stitch patterns, and size the artwork for whatever is going to be produced.




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