New Year's Knitting Resolutions

New Year's Knitting Resolutions

Well, 2022 is officially here. I've never been one to really set New Year's resolutions because they usually involve making myself do something I don't actually want to do, but I figured if I centered some resolutions around something I enjoy, I might actually stick to them. So here are my 2022 New Year's Knitting Resolutions.

Make time to knit
This past year has been incredibly busy and my knitting time was often the first thing on the chopping block when things got hectic. I finished exactly one project in 2021. One. And yes, yes, I know knitting is about more than churning out finished projects, but for someone who has an entire business centered around a love of knitting, I should be doing it more.

Folded teal blue Avalanche sweater

Less variegated / more solids
I have a huge weakness for hand-dyed variegated sock yarn. But, when I actually go to choose colors for a project, nine times out of ten, I go with solid colors that will show off colorwork or cables really well. This year, if I'm shopping for my stash, I'm going to try my darnedest to remember to buy SOLIDS, even if they aren't as exciting in the moment. And I better start knitting some more socks.

Sock Stitcher pin on top of variegated sock yarn

Try something new
I find it hard to leave my knitting comfort zone, so I want to make sure I try a new technique or two this year. No idea what that will be... maybe I'll steek a sweater? Conquer a toe-up sock? Or even do some lacework? Just kidding, it probably won't be lacework.

Teal blue yarn, bonsai scissors, and a steeking survivor pin in a basket

I've turned off comments because things were getting a little too spamalicious, but I'd love to hear about your knitting plans for the new year. Send me a message and tell me about them!
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