Quick and Easy Knitting Patterns

Quick and Easy Knitting Patterns

You may remember me mentioning that adKnits used to be a hand knit apparel company, with me churning out knitted piece after knitted piece with my own two hands. Everything I knitted back then was from patterns that I designed myself. I needed things that would knit up quickly, so almost all of the patterns were for bulky or worsted yarn with fairly basic techniques because complicated stitches would slow me down!

These days, adKnits focuses primarily on illustrated work, but I have since written up and formatted many of those patterns so that others can knit them too! Because they were designed to be quick and economical, these patterns work great for last minutes gifts! Here are some of my favorites.

Aspen hat knitting pattern

The Aspen Hat became one of my staples when I was developing my knitwear line. With a simple and classic cable pattern and ribbed brim, it's a great project for learning to knit in the round because the pattern is so predictable. Back in the day, I literally had this pattern memorized in its entirety and could knit it from cast on to bind off without ever consulting any directions. It's just. that. easy. Also, super-quick. I think the whole hat would take me about 5 hours, including loose ends and the pompom.

Mug Cozy Knitting Pattern

Now, if you're looking for a quick gifty item, this is the pattern. Back when I knit and sold these, the Pinesap Mug Cozies would get snatched up as soon as I had them in stock! They work up super-fast of course (maybe 3 hours?) but do involved some minor crocheting skills, if you're game for tackling that.

Fingerless mitten knitting pattern

Another one of my really popular knitwear items were the Meherrin Mittens. Fingerless mittens in general were a big seller for me, but the honeycomb texture (which is way easier than it looks), plus the button and faux strap really made this one a hit. This pattern is the worsted version of the bulky weight mittens I used to sell, so these are a little more of a time investment.

If you want to check out all of my patterns, you can find them here:
And, if you don't feel like knitting it yourself, I still have some of my leftover knitwear stock on Etsy!
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