Rainbow Wallpaper Freebie

Rainbow Wallpaper Freebie

One of the things I've discovered over the years is that I really enjoy making surface patterns. Surface patterns repeat indefinitely, so putting one together is like assembling some sort of weird creative jigsaw puzzle. It's so fun!

Recently, I designed a rainbow surface pattern to celebrate the theme of my upcoming shop update in April. And because I like to be all seasonal about most things in life, including my phone, I turned the pattern into FREE wallpaper for your phone!


And then because, why not, I turned it into fabric as well.

I've got the rainbow print, plus some other fabrics I've designed over the years available over at Spoonflower!

Rainbow fabric

If you sew as well as knit, first of all I'm seriously impressed, and secondly, wouldn't this make a cute project bag???

And if rainbows are your thing, keep an eye out at the end of April for a rainbow-themed shop update!

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