The Knitter's Notebook That Solves Your Paper Problem

The Knitter's Notebook That Solves Your Paper Problem

Every knitter needs a notebook. But, do you get blank for sketches? Gridded for charts? Lined for notes? Deciding what kind of notebook to get is always my problem. So when designing these notebooks, I wanted an all-in-one solution and opted for... the dot!  Dot notebooks are perfect for knitters.  With dots, it's easy to follow a straight line for notes, connect the dots if you need to create grids, but they're barely noticeable if you need to sketch.  Perfect.

These little books are about 8.5 x 5.5" and fit perfectly in our muslin project bags. They have a nice stitched binding and have all been screen printed by hand with our popular mountains design.  They're perfect to tuck in your knitting bag so you're always prepared when inspiration strikes!




P.S.  These are super little notebooks even if you're not a knitter!

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