The Purl Scouts Tote Bag

The Purl Scouts Tote Bag

Do you have a favorite tote that goes with you everywhere? Mine has quickly become my Purl Scouts tote bag! It's so versatile and much more roomy than it appears at first glance. Here's what I love about this tote...

It makes a great project bag. With roomy 3" gussets on the side, the Purl Scouts tote can hold more than you think. Just look how many hanks or yarn I was able to put in it! I've got a shawl in my queue that I'm hoping to cast on soon, and this is going to be the bag that keeps it all together. Plus, with that gusset and sturdy 15oz cotton, it stands up on it's own. Because who wants a floppy bag???

It's a great place to display your Purl Scouts badges. I'm sure we'd all love to make a serious fashion statement with a Purl Scouts sash or vest, but this bag is much more... practical. Load it up with all of your Purl Scouts crafting achievements and show off your collection!

The Purl Scouts Tote Bag with badges attached to it

It's great for fiber festivals and shows. Juggling a bunch of bags is the last thing you need when you're trying to explore everything at a fiber festival. Consolidate all your goodies into one bag to simplify your shopping! The 25" straps make this an easy bag to sling over your shoulder so your hands are free for yarn squishing!

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