Tutorial:  How to Knit Pleats in the Round

Tutorial: How to Knit Pleats in the Round

Knitting tutorial:  how to knit pleats

Tired of the same old ribbed cuff? Try these horizontal pleats!  I first discovered pleats when I was designing my Afton Fingerless Mittens pattern, and wanted something a little more interesting than the usual knit one purl one.

Fingerless Mittens knitting pattern with pleated cuff

While they look like the layers of folded fabric, they still have the similar stretchy give that ribbed knitting does.

Though it looks complex, these pleats are actually super simple to knit up, and will work for any cuff or brim with an even number of stitches.


Here’s the pattern:

Rounds 1-3: *K1, Sl1 wyif.  Repeat from * until end of round.

Rounds 4-5: Knit

Afton fingerless mittens knitting pattern

And that’s it!  You can customize it by adding more knitted rounds after round 5 to space your pleats further apart.


If you’re looking for a great pattern to try this out on, the Afton Fingerless Mittens pattern is a great place to start. Or, just substitute the pleats pattern for any ribbed cuff!

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