Tutorial:  How to Sew a Tag on Your Knitted Gifts

Tutorial: How to Sew a Tag on Your Knitted Gifts

This may seem like a no-brainer, but with lots of knitted gift giving coming our way, I thought I’d do a quick tutorial on how to attach a gift tag or hang tag to your hand knit items.

How to attach a gift tag to a hand knit item
Gather up your knitted item, tag, string, and a tapestry needle.

Loop your string through the hole in your tag.

Thread your needle with one end of the string coming off the tag.

Push the needle under several knit stitches, being careful not to split a stitch.  For items like socks and mittens, do this through the pair held together.

How to attach a tag to a hand knit gift
Remove the needle, hold the two ends of the string together and...

... tie a knot!


There are tons of printable tags out on the internet (Pinterest it!) that you can print at home, or if you’re looking for something high-quality and professionally printed, definitely check out our gift tags!



Made from sturdy cardstock with string included, each set includes 10 ready to use tags.  Choose from our holiday set chock full of knitting puns or our slightly snarky “I made You a Thing” tags to give your hand knitted gift wrapping something special.

 I know I'm busting booty to meet my holiday knitting deadlines.  Keep those needles clicking!


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