Where to Stick Your Stickers

Where to Stick Your Stickers

One of the questions I get pretty frequently is “where can I put your stickers???”

The answer? Pretty much anywhere. Here are a few ideas for where they can go!

Water bottle on table with stickers on it

A classic and my personal go-to? The water bottle. Water bottles give you lots of space to show off your collection and since these stickers are made of vinyl, they won’t peel or rub off if the outside gets wet. You can even coordinate your stickers with different color water bottles, or have different sticker themes for different bottles. The theme for my water bottle is this-sticker-had-an-imperfection-so-I-can’t-sell-it.

Laptop on a table with a Purl Scouts sticker on it.

Another popular place you could round up all your favorite stickers is the back of your laptop. With so much blank space and usually a dull color, laptops are just asking for a little fun to be added to them. Their vinyl material is super-durable, so they can endure lots of trips in and out of a backpack and being toted around the office or school.

Notebook on a table with a pen and several stickers on the notebook cover

For those who like to go old school and keep a paper journal or planner, stickers make a great cover decoration. Their durability can help paper covers last longer and they add a colorful way to express yourself for a notebook that is uniquely you.

Some of my customers have even told me they use these sticker on the outside of their car and they still look great after months of use! While I haven’t personally tried this out, I plan on doing a test run in the near future.

I’d love to see where you put YOUR stickers. Tag me on Instagram (@adknits) with your sticker pic and you might be featured in my stories!

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