From adKnits to Camp Stitchwood

adKnits to Camp Stitchwood

When I first started adKnits, I was 26 years old and my business model was “knit stuff, put on internet.” I chose a logo and a brand name without putting much thought into it. The name adKnits came about because… wait for it… I’m A.D. (my initials) and I knit. Deep, right? Except I didn’t like how the capital AD looked, so I made it lowercase. And thus began a decade of adKnits being totally mispronounced (but that’s a story for another day). When I transitioned from making knitwear to illustration, it seemed easier to keep my business name rather than start all over with a new one.

But, as my brand changed and evolved to what it is today, the name adKnits just seemed to fit less and less. Yes, I still knit, but the name wasn’t a great match for the outdoorsy camp-inspired things I was designing. And once the Purl Scouts became a thing, it really didn’t make sense! So, a decade and a half later, it was time for a change and I made the decision to rename my business and brand.

I wanted something that would really fit with my nature-inspired product line. The Purl Scouts seemed an obvious choice for a new name, but, though I love designing all of the scout stuff (and will continue to do so!), I wanted a name with a slightly broader scope that would leave room for growth. Since “purl” is so specific to knitting, I decided that would be a no-go. A lot of brainstorming ensued and I came up with the idea to name it after the totally fictional camp where the Purl Scouts an other fiber fans go… Camp Stitchwood!

I’m so excited to finally have a brand name and logo that really matches my artwork and designs… and I hope you like it too! Welcome to Camp Stitchwood!

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